Avalanche Weekly Recap | June 27th- July 3rd, 2022

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This Avalanche weekly recap is for informative purposes only and not investment advice. Let’s have a look at the new updates this week.

Daily Transactions

Average Daily Transactions June 27th- July 3rd on the Avalanche C-chain reach 236,212 transactions. Down 2.8% since last week (243,041). The number reached 267,235 at the peak of the data on June 30th. And the lowest was on July 3rd, with 221,888 transactions.

Unique Addresses

The Cumulative Unique Addresses index is currently at 3,059,378 addresses. Last week, there were 3,034,075 addresses, indicating a 25,303 addresses rise. Which is -1.08% more than what it was last week (25,580). The daily increase rate remains at 3,614 addresses.

Active addresses

During June 27th- July 3rd there is an average of 44,374 active addresses. Down from 46,416 last week (-4.4%). June 30th is the day with the most active addresses (45,610 addresses). While the lowest index day of the week is July 2nd with 42,000 addresses.

Total Value Locked

The Total Value Locked in 7-days has decreased 8.87%, from $5.68 billion to $5.15 billion. Avalanche is still in third place in the top 5 ecosystems. A rather low level of participation in Defi can be expected in this failing market.

Avalanche Has Arrived on Harvest by Treehouse

Treehouse has integrated Avalanche into their Analytics App, Harvest, with support for the following protocols: Aave, BENQI, Curve, and Trader Joe. With this addition, multi-chain users can now view the most comprehensive portfolio metrics available in DeFi across three chains (BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Avalanche).

For more information: click here

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Avalanche and Deepwaters partnership announcement

Deepwaters is elated to announce our first technical partnership!

Avalanche will serve as our collective state and single source of truth for all blockchains integrating with Deepwaters on launch.

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Avaware Roadmap 3.0 announcement

Avaware has continually added interesting new features for users, such as stable coin farming, and fun NFT events like Alex Wiley’s Unmoved NFT, or AVME’s Avalanche Friend NFT which came loaded with 80% of the purchase price in AVME loaded on the NFT which can be claimed. The Avalanche Friends series is a great way to introduce users to partner projects on the network, and allow Avaware partners to distribute some of their project token to Avaware holders.

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EMDX Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds for Secure Crypto Perpetual Swaps

By integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, EMDX has access to high-quality, tamper-proof price feeds needed to help ensure crypto perpetual swaps are using institutional-grade market data to determine contract outcomes.

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Introducing Centrifuge Connectors: A hybrid cross-chain solution

A hybrid cross-chain solution launching in partnership with Ava Labs, Moonbeam, and Nomad to bring the trillion-dollar Real-World Asset (RWA) market on-chain.

Connectors allows investors to provide liquidity into Centrifuge pools without having to bridge over to the Centrifuge chain. It provides a fully native experience for users on any supported chain.

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Dutch auctions on Kalao Go

Current NFT drops can face problems for both NFT creators and buyers such as

  • How to fairly price your NFTs?
  • How to get NFTs in the hands of your real community?
  • How to minimize the risk of speculators sniping drops and reselling on the secondary market?
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Dutch auctions help solve this! They promise better price discovery and prevent gas wars.

For more information: click here

The partnership of SHRAPNEL and Razer

Shrapnel will be deployed on Avalanche subnet, which promises zero latency, EVM compatibility, AAA graphics, and in-game asset trading for premium gaming experience. This partnership with Razer will open up many opportunities for SHRAPNEL to attract more traditional game players, hence boosting the Avalanche Gamefi landscape.

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Ascenders features a new GameFi model: a dual token economy of a governance token

Ascenders features a new GameFi model: a dual token economy of a governance token (Ascenders Governance Council) and a currency token (Glow Gems), supported by a third non-crypto, in-game only currency (Resource Chips).

The Ascenders Governance Council (AGC) is more than a governance token, AGC is core to the Ascenders ecosystem. The AGC tokens can be used for:

  • Governance over in-game balance through veAGC mechanism.
  • Staking for token rewards & exclusive drops.
  • Founding and upgrading player Guilds.
  • Purchase high flex cosmetic items.
  • Season Pass style in-game rewards, including tokens and rare NFTs.
  • Access to VIP tournaments and events.
  • Subnet transaction fees.

For more information: click here

MetaDerby Death Racing Mode

In the high-risk high-reward Death Racing Mode, winners are entitled to grand rewards and great glory, while others will get burned.

In each race, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 horses will join to compete with one another. Only real players can participate in the death race, and only the most real of rewards will be gained, with your real NFTs on the line to be burned.

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